The portable workbench

The portable workbench


The good old workbench, an indespenable tool but not everyone has room for one. A portable workbench could be a great alternative if you don't have room. The following article provides information and a video demostration on using a portable workbench. 

The Milkman’s Workbench – a portable bench I built for the June 2013 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine – is about 653 percent better than my first workbench.

Thanks to the clever engineering in the portable bench, it can handle most handwork tasks when clamped to a dining room table or kitchen countertop. My first workbench – a heavy door on sawhorses – could do only a fraction of these task….

More at The Milkman's Workbench in Use – Popular Woodworking Magazine

Check out the links to the Milkmans portable workbench and the june issue of Popular woodworking magazine.


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