Table saw Safety

Table saw Safety


Image by kevingessner via Flickr

A table saw is the heart of any workshop but using a tabe saw safely can mean the difference between having a good day in the workshop or having a bad one. every year woodworkers lose a finger or even worse, i my self have had an incounter with a table saw blade, luckly it wasn't too bad. In this article you'll learn table saw safety. 

A table saw is arguably the most dangerous tool in the woodshop, but a basic understanding of table saw safety, the machine and a few simple precautions will keep you from harm. Most table saw injuries are caused by a phenomenon known as kickback — surrendering control of the material to the machine. When kickback occurs, two things can happen: 1) you can be struck, hard, by flying wood; or 2) as the wood takes off, it can pull portions of your anatomy into the spinning blade….

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Using a table saw can be an enjoyable but Knowing how to be safe using a table saw is something that every woodworker show know.

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