restoring old barns

restoring old barns

What do you do with an old barn that has some history behind it?, do you let it go or do you try and save it. Perhaps renovating it in to a living space might be one idea that could work.

Bradley, a preservationist and barn expert from Clinton, and Austin, a town resident and former chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission, have been surveying East Wallingford since August 2012. The two are working on three major projects — the restoration of a barn on Maltby Road for a resident and the rescue of two barns on Anderson Road. Bradley has been taking pictures and recording the remaining old barns and farmhouses in the area, which he hopes to publish in a book called, “The Farms & Barns of East Wallingford.” He said he hopes the book will serve as a record and “leave a legacy of what was here.”…

More at Two men refuse to let old Wallingford barns go quietly – Meriden Record-Journal

Read this interesting article on two men that save old barns, not only are they saving old barns but they are saving a piece of history as well. 

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