Dewalt 10 inch jobsite saw review

Dewalt 10 inch jobsite saw review

In an earlier post i talked about my confusion as to which table saw i may buy. My choice is between the the bosch 10 inch portable table saw verus the dewalt 10 inch jobsite saw, both are a great saw but each has different features. The bosch and the dewalt both have there pros and cons, this article is a review of the dewalt 10 inch jobsite saw. 

This versatile Dewalt 10 inches jobsite table saw comes with rolling stand that blends with the portable design. Its portable design is combined along with the powerful 15 Amp motor and the maximum of 24 ½ inches rip capacity. This miter saw features a miter gauge, push stick, blade guards and the dependable 24-tooth, 10-inch carbide blade which enable every cutting task to begin immediately, which made even better because of its rolling stand for effortless transport….

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So i should get around and test out each saw and see which is going to work for my needs, i like the bosch stand, it's easy to the saw up very quickly but the dewalt has a more stable stand. These are not my only consideration, there are other thing to consider. 

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