Dewalt 10 inch jobsite saw review

In an earlier post i talked about my confusion as to which table saw i may buy. My choice is between the the bosch 10 inch portable table saw verus the dewalt 10 inch jobsite saw, both are a great saw but each has different features. The bosch and the dewalt both have there pros and cons, this article is a review of the dewalt 10 inch jobsite saw. 

This versatile Dewalt 10 inches jobsite table saw comes with rolling stand that blends with the portable design. Its portable design is combined along with the powerful 15 Amp motor and the maximum of 24 ½ inches rip capacity. This miter saw features a miter gauge, push stick, blade guards and the dependable 24-tooth, 10-inch carbide blade which enable every cutting task to begin immediately, which made even better because of its rolling stand for effortless transport….

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So i should get around and test out each saw and see which is going to work for my needs, i like the bosch stand, it's easy to the saw up very quickly but the dewalt has a more stable stand. These are not my only consideration, there are other thing to consider. 

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Table saw Safety


Image by kevingessner via Flickr

A table saw is the heart of any workshop but using a tabe saw safely can mean the difference between having a good day in the workshop or having a bad one. every year woodworkers lose a finger or even worse, i my self have had an incounter with a table saw blade, luckly it wasn't too bad. In this article you'll learn table saw safety. 

A table saw is arguably the most dangerous tool in the woodshop, but a basic understanding of table saw safety, the machine and a few simple precautions will keep you from harm. Most table saw injuries are caused by a phenomenon known as kickback — surrendering control of the material to the machine. When kickback occurs, two things can happen: 1) you can be struck, hard, by flying wood; or 2) as the wood takes off, it can pull portions of your anatomy into the spinning blade….

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Using a table saw can be an enjoyable but Knowing how to be safe using a table saw is something that every woodworker show know.

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Bosch 4100 10-inch worksite table saw review

As any woodworker knows, the table saw is the heart of any workshop. But when taking a table saw to the job site a portable option is required, currently i am looking at getting a new portable table saw. The problem is there a number good choices to choose from and i'm not sure which choice of portable table saw is right for me, one possible choice that I'M looking at is the bosch 4100DG-09 worksite table saw with Gravity-Rise which is a nice feature   

This is the first of its kind with a beautiful feature that anyone could take advantage of. The new Bosch 4100DG-09 Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Stand and Digital Rip Fence is made for efficient, effortless and accurate cutting which enables you to quickly deliver the products. It also has a comfortable and portable construction that allows transfer across the even roughest terrain….

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The bosch 4100 worksite table saw is a very good choice with a number of features that i like but with a number of good choices out there trying to figure out if this table saw is right for me will take some time.

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The portable workbench


The good old workbench, an indespenable tool but not everyone has room for one. A portable workbench could be a great alternative if you don't have room. The following article provides information and a video demostration on using a portable workbench. 

The Milkman’s Workbench – a portable bench I built for the June 2013 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine – is about 653 percent better than my first workbench.

Thanks to the clever engineering in the portable bench, it can handle most handwork tasks when clamped to a dining room table or kitchen countertop. My first workbench – a heavy door on sawhorses – could do only a fraction of these task….

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Check out the links to the Milkmans portable workbench and the june issue of Popular woodworking magazine.


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woodworking safety day

Woodworking safety week has now become woodworking safety day. May 1st will now be known as woodworking safety day, inside the arcticle explains why the shift from woodworking safety week to woodworking safety day. 

If you can believe it, Woodworker’s Safety Week is 5 years old this May! I came up with the idea back in 2008 and requested that the entire woodworking community join in the effort. After all, who wouldn’t benefit from a little extra safety knowledge when your idea of fun is making stuff with incredibly sharp blades….

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No matter what type of woodworking you do, one must always use stand safety practices. No one like losing a finger or a hand when doing something that you enjoy.

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restoring old barns

What do you do with an old barn that has some history behind it?, do you let it go or do you try and save it. Perhaps renovating it in to a living space might be one idea that could work.

Bradley, a preservationist and barn expert from Clinton, and Austin, a town resident and former chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission, have been surveying East Wallingford since August 2012. The two are working on three major projects — the restoration of a barn on Maltby Road for a resident and the rescue of two barns on Anderson Road. Bradley has been taking pictures and recording the remaining old barns and farmhouses in the area, which he hopes to publish in a book called, “The Farms & Barns of East Wallingford.” He said he hopes the book will serve as a record and “leave a legacy of what was here.”…

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Read this interesting article on two men that save old barns, not only are they saving old barns but they are saving a piece of history as well.