Potting Shed


 Potting Shed

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Potting Shed



Sizes are : 8×10, 8×12, 10×12, 10×14, 10×16

The Potting Shed is a rustic design of the standard gable shed, it comes with a 4/12 pitch, it can be covered with either cedar shingles or clapboard siding. The roof comes with 3 tab roofing, the Potting Shed is offered in a number of sizes.

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Potting Shed Inside


The walls are around 6′ 6” high and made from 2×4 studs with a header and shoe, covering the walls are 7/16” thick OSB, which

stands for “oriented strand board” and is standard material in home construction.

The rafters are constructed from 2×4 lumber and are held together by gussets that we make our selves, the floors are made with 2×6 floor joists and 5/8 tongue and groove plywood with a set of 4 skids that run the length of the building.

In the back wall we place an 8×8 plastic lovered vent to allow the heat to escape from the summer heat. The Potting Shed is great looking and has the rustic look and is fantastic in the garden or in the backyard. The potting shed is our most expensive version due to the fact it’s cedar shingles and the time it take to apply the cedar shingles.


Brad Briggs

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