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Sizes are: 8×8, 8×10, 8×12, 10×12, 10×14, 10×16

This roof design is called a mansard roof style. This type of construction is different from the Gambrel or baby barn design, both the baby barn and Mansard style roof fall under the category of a curb roof.

The Mansard roof was first popularised by “Francois Mansart from 1598-1666 even though he didn’t invent the design.

Mansard, baby barns, storage barns, storage sheds

This style of roof is also known as a french roof, but a true Mansard roof would have a gambrel style hip roof on all four sides which and as you can see by looking at the photographs only has a gambrel style hip roof on two sides, but for our purpose we are calling it a Mansard style roof to make it easy to distinguish one style of barn from the next.

Through the years this style of roof has spread around the world to the Unites States and Canada, you can usually see this in Government building, railways, hotels. The advantages of this style of barn is that it uses most of it’s interior space.

Please note that the height of the wall is the height of the ceiling, for example if the wall is 6′ 6” then from the floor to the ceiling will be 6’6”.

The walls are constructed 24 inches apart to align with the rafters, then wedges are cut

from 2×6 lumber and place on the walls. This give it that Mansard style look and becomes part of the roof system, this also allows for a additional storage space along the wall.


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