Geting Started with vinyl siding

Geting Started with vinyl siding

Getting Started with Vinyl Siding

Vinyl SidingInstalling vinyl siding isn’t that hard, whether on a house or a storage shed it’s basically the same process. You can get vinyl siding in a number of colours, it also comes in two basic profiles such as cove and straight.
You can get siding from a number of places like kent, homehardware and home depot. Kent carries mainly Mitten siding while homehardware carries Gentek siding.
On the back of vinyl siding you may find a set of numbers and the color of the siding, a lot of people think that these numbers they find on the back can be used to match up the siding using these numbers, the truth is these numbers are used only by the manufacture and are of no use to the consumer when trying to match siding from Kent or homehardware.
The only way to match siding when you go to the lumber yard is by using the name you find on the back of the siding or on the box such as ”Wicker”, ”ivory” or by taking a sample of the siding with you.
A few things we need to think about before we start installing siding is the color and the profile>
What do i mean by profile, basically it’s the the shape of the siding, there are 2 basic shapes to choose from.
Straight and cove, head over to where you plan on buying your vinyl siding, they will have plenty of samples to choose from. The next thing to think about is the accessories, you’re going to need starter strip, out side corners and j-trim.


The installation time of vinyl siding is difficult to judge at a glance. Many factors such as preparing walls, doors, and windows before beginning the job affect labor costs. Rushing through the installation process of vinyl siding can quickly turn disastrous due to the delicate nature of PVC siding….

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