Building a deck – expert advice

Building a deck – expert advice

So you want to build a new deck or maybe you need to replace the deck you have now, it's something we had to do some years ago. You have a number of materials from which to choose, you could use pressure treated decking of you could go with the plastic decking, it does cost more than pressure treated decking but it will last for years to come. The article provides some expert advice on deck building that you won't wantr to miss

Rob Dearing, general contractor in Gore Bay, Ont., since 1995: “There’s no point going in-between: You either build your deck on top of the soil or go all the way below the frost line with a foundation.” We asked Dearing for more deck-building tips….

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A deck can be your solitude, your place to relax, it can improve the value of your home. decks are nice place to sit and visit with friends, party. 

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