Managing pesticide free lawns in Canada

Managing pesticide free lawns in Canada


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Now that you have that nice new storage shed set up in the back yard you can turn your attention to the weeds that happen to be growing on the lawn, but no one wants to use harmful chemicals on the lawn, not where pets and childeren play. Not to mention having harnfull chemicals seep down in to the water table, there are ways of managing a pesticide free lawn. The following article has some information on having a pestice free lawn.

Managing pesticide-free home lawns in Canada requires an understanding of the growth habits of cool season grasses so maintenance practices can be timed to maximize their effectiveness for the promotion of turfgrass growth over weed growth. While the traditional spray approach to home lawn maintenance for weed control is now limited under the cosmetic pesticide ban, it is still viable to maintain a healthy, usable lawn by employing well-timed cultural practices….

More at Managing Pesticide-free Home Lawns: Future considerations

What would you consider a weed though?, are dendelions considered a weed?. some people make dandelion wine or eat danelion greens found on the lawn.

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