landscaping the cutting edge

landscaping the cutting edge

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Image by Swami Stream via Flickr

Landscaping is one of those things we like to do around our homes but if you're not sure where to start you may need to hire professional people to come in and do this for you. One of the things i like is the nice clean lines of landscap edging, it adds to the look and feel of any landscap project. The following article will give some ideas and tips on landscape edging.

Cutting edges on landscape beds usually utilize some sort of implement to physically cut the sod to create a crisp line. Going down 3″-5″ is a good guideline. Creating a tapered line is best, with it leaning towards the inside of the bed. This way when mulch is added, it can be filled into the edge. Edging debris should be removed prior to mulching….

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Landcaping edging isn't hard to do, it just takes time and patients to do it but is quite rewarding when it's finished. 

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