chain saw safety guide for the beginner

chain saw safety guide for the beginner


Safety Gear for Chainsaw

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Just recently my brother came to borrow my chain saw to cut down a few trees that were on his property, so that started me thinking about chain saw safety. I wasn’t worried about him, he had all the proper safety equipment such as safety paints, boots, helmet and experience to use a chain saw safely. But there are some people that have never used a chain saw before and if you have never used a chain saw before it can be quite intimidating so getting proper instruction in using a chain saw would be a good idea.

You don’t have to spend much time in a woodlot to learn that a chain saw is one dangerous tool — far more dangerous than the much maligned gun. Because the dangers inherent in operating a chain saw can’t be foreseen, the most important safety precaution is to stay alert, concentrate, and always expect the unexpected. Quit working when you feel tired, extremely hot or cold, hungry, or frustrated, no matter how badly you need the firewood or the income from its sale. Fatigue and frustration reduce your alertness and increase the chance that kickback or a bouncing tree will catch you by surprise….

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If you google chain saw safety course you will find a number of courses that you can attend, in these courses you will learn how to safely use a chain saw, what safety equipement that’s needed. For more information i would recommend taking a look at the articles, these will provide more information on how to use a chain saw safely. But articles are no substitute for taking a safety course.

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