Managing pesticide free lawns in Canada


gold mist

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Now that you have that nice new storage shed set up in the back yard you can turn your attention to the weeds that happen to be growing on the lawn, but no one wants to use harmful chemicals on the lawn, not where pets and childeren play. Not to mention having harnfull chemicals seep down in to the water table, there are ways of managing a pesticide free lawn. The following article has some information on having a pestice free lawn.

Managing pesticide-free home lawns in Canada requires an understanding of the growth habits of cool season grasses so maintenance practices can be timed to maximize their effectiveness for the promotion of turfgrass growth over weed growth. While the traditional spray approach to home lawn maintenance for weed control is now limited under the cosmetic pesticide ban, it is still viable to maintain a healthy, usable lawn by employing well-timed cultural practices….

More at Managing Pesticide-free Home Lawns: Future considerations

What would you consider a weed though?, are dendelions considered a weed?. some people make dandelion wine or eat danelion greens found on the lawn.

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chain saw safety guide for the beginner


Safety Gear for Chainsaw

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Just recently my brother came to borrow my chain saw to cut down a few trees that were on his property, so that started me thinking about chain saw safety. I wasn’t worried about him, he had all the proper safety equipment such as safety paints, boots, helmet and experience to use a chain saw safely. But there are some people that have never used a chain saw before and if you have never used a chain saw before it can be quite intimidating so getting proper instruction in using a chain saw would be a good idea.

You don’t have to spend much time in a woodlot to learn that a chain saw is one dangerous tool — far more dangerous than the much maligned gun. Because the dangers inherent in operating a chain saw can’t be foreseen, the most important safety precaution is to stay alert, concentrate, and always expect the unexpected. Quit working when you feel tired, extremely hot or cold, hungry, or frustrated, no matter how badly you need the firewood or the income from its sale. Fatigue and frustration reduce your alertness and increase the chance that kickback or a bouncing tree will catch you by surprise….

More at How to Use a Chainsaw Safely – Modern Homesteading – MOTHER

If you google chain saw safety course you will find a number of courses that you can attend, in these courses you will learn how to safely use a chain saw, what safety equipement that’s needed. For more information i would recommend taking a look at the articles, these will provide more information on how to use a chain saw safely. But articles are no substitute for taking a safety course.

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Growing your own tomatoes

Fall coming too soon....

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Gardening is enjoyed by some many people and one of the many things they like to grow are tomatoes, growing tomates at home really isn't hard. There are those though that may have never had a garden or had a chance to have a garden such as those that live in the city or live in apartments. An alternative for them would be container gardening, there's alot you can do with container gardening such growing your own tomatoes at home and to have fresh tomatoes so close at arms reach is wonderful.

Not only do you save money by growing tomatoes at home, but you also get the reward of plucking perfectly ripe fruits from the vine. Unlike their supermarket counterparts, vine-ripened tomatoes have sweet, juicy flesh that contributes unmistakable depth of flavor to any salad, pasta, or BLT. With a few tips for planting tomato seedlings, you'll be on your way to a tomato bonanza.

Tomato plants thrive in six to eight hours of daily sunshine. Containers can be moved throughout the growing season and are a great choice for home growers who have limited garden space. Be sure to provide enough room for each plant's growth. One tiny seedling can reach an astonishing height of ten feet and will need at least two cubic feet of soil….

More at How to Grow Tomatoes at Home | Container Gardens – KCET

The following article and links have much more information on growing your own tomatoes at home, here you'll learn how to get going growing your own tomatoes.

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How to build a treehouse

Bewilderwood Treehouse

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A tree house isn't something i had growing up as a kid, I'M not sure many of us did. It's quite the project to tackle, building a tree house in the backyard can be a fun thing to do but would likely take several weekends to build. It not only would provide hours of enjoyment for you and your kids but would add excitement to the backyard.  

A treehouse is a place where you can give free rein to your individual creativity. But while there may be almost as many types of treehouses as there are types of trees, some general principles do apply when it comes to building a treehouse. (For creative examples of custom treehouses, see Treehouse Living: 4 Custom, Eco-friendly Options.)

Before you begin your treehouse plans, check with your local planning authorities about whether there are any restrictions on building treehouses. In some places, if a structure is below a certain size and not used as a permanent dwelling it will not need planning approval, but there may be restrictions on height or on windows overlooking adjacent properties.

Safety is vital during construction. Always use a safety harness, and firmly tie it and any ladders to a strong branch. Think before you act, and keep a first aid kit handy. Most importantly: Have fun!…

More at How to Build a Treehouse – Mother Earth News

If you're interested in building a treehouse i say go for it but a few things to remember, firstly you're going to need a building permit which is very important. You're also going to need some carpentry skills to tackle building a treehouse, if you don't have the skills you might be able to get some one to lend a hand with your project.

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landscaping the cutting edge

Botanical Gardens

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Landscaping is one of those things we like to do around our homes but if you're not sure where to start you may need to hire professional people to come in and do this for you. One of the things i like is the nice clean lines of landscap edging, it adds to the look and feel of any landscap project. The following article will give some ideas and tips on landscape edging.

Cutting edges on landscape beds usually utilize some sort of implement to physically cut the sod to create a crisp line. Going down 3″-5″ is a good guideline. Creating a tapered line is best, with it leaning towards the inside of the bed. This way when mulch is added, it can be filled into the edge. Edging debris should be removed prior to mulching….

More at Cutting Edge Landscaping | Tomlinson Bomberger

Landcaping edging isn't hard to do, it just takes time and patients to do it but is quite rewarding when it's finished. 

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