Baby Barn

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baby barns


Sizes are: 8×8, 8×10, 8×12, 10×12, 10×14, 10×16, 12×12, 12×14, 12×16.


This roof design is called a Gambrel roof style. This style of roof was built by dutch settlers in the American colonies. It was adapted to local conditions and is still in use around the world today in home and barn construction.

baby barns, storage barns, storage sheds,
Baby barns

We construct a variety of barns styles, but we recognize the Gambrel roof style as a true baby barn. When inquiring about a barn please know which style you would like a quote on such as Gable shed, mansard, potting shed or baby barn.

This makes it easier to know which barn style to quote a price for. The construction of a typical baby barn starts with a set of skids that run the length of the building then 2×6 floors joist are constructed to make a floor frame.

Sheathing over the floor frame is next, sheathing such as 5/8 plywood is used or 3/4 pine boards,

The walls are 43”3/4” high and made from 2×4 studs with a header and shoe, covering the walls are 7/16” thick OSB,

baby barn, baby barns, storage barn, storage shed
Rafters 12×12-12×16

The rafters are constructed from 2×4 lumber and are held together by gussets that we make our selves from OSB. Over the OSB sheathing we place vinyl siding of whatever colour you like just as long as it’s still commercially available today, we currently use Gentek, mitten and residential series of siding, which are the more common brands.

In the back wall we place an 8×8 plastic lovered vent to allow the heat to escape from the summer heat. Roofing is standard 3 tab shingles and the door opening is 4′ wide. The door has vinyl siding capped with aluminium clad for trim.
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