Baby Barns in Moncton – Quotes From New Brunswick Companies

Baby Barns in Moncton – Quotes From New Brunswick Companies


Need to find baby barns in Moncton?, get a free quote from Moncton NB companies that can build you a new baby barn at competitive prices. We have a number of barns that have been sold and delivered around New Brunswick, this baby barn is called a Gambrel style barn but most just know it as a baby barn. This one was delivered not long ago to a location around Moncton, the floor has been constructed using 2×6 floor joists which are placed 16 inches apart and has 4 pressure treated skids running the length of the building, the floor is covered with 5/8 plywood.

Baby Barns Moncton, Baby BarnsIf you notice, you can see that the barn is sitting on small patio stones. A lot of times this is really all you need to sit your barn on but some times the lay of the land may determine what goes under the barn. The vinyl siding on this barn is called “cypress” which comes from “Mitten”, if you compare the siding on the barn and the home the colours don’t seem to match up exactly. The siding on the home is called “mist green” and seems to have faded over the years and to make matters worse “mist green” is no longer available so the only option is to find a colour that comes the closest.

The roofing for this home has forest green 25 year shingles which can be purchased locally around Moncton, unfortunately you can’t really see that in the photo. The only issue we had was that ,IKO, the manufacturer of the shingles had changed the name from forest green to vintage green so this can sometimes slow the construction process down when having to confirm with the customer the colour of shingles that are to go on in place of shingles that have been discontinued. Roofing today is not like it used to be. Years ago shingles were made from asphalt which was much tougher and seemed to take the weather better and last a long time. Today shingle companies produce fibreglass shingles which are now the norm, but don’t seem to last like they used too.

The barn was delivered on a flatbed truck to different locations around New Brunswick to such places like Moncton or Sussex or Riverview and was easy to set-up as you can see the barn sits on patio stones which are placed under the barn in various locations as the barn comes off the truck. The truck requires room to work in order to place the barn on the property. Because of this, there are some limitations as to where the barn can be placed on the property. So you have to take into account the size of the truck when deciding on where to place the barn on site.



Roof Shingles don’t live up to Warranties:



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