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baby barns
Baby barn, mansard, shed, storage shed, storage barn
Baby barn, storage barn, storage shed, gable shed
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Briggs Baby barns are your outdoor storage solutions, located in RiverGlade, a stones throw away from the Petty International Raceway, 20 minutes west of Moncton. On this site you will find a variety of barn and shed designs. Baby barns are a seasonal business going from spring to fall. Some barns and sheds take longer to build than others depending on the size and design. Also any orders ahead will add to the wait time, so it’s first come, first served. So please allow for sufficient time to allow for construction of your barn before it’s required.

Please note:

  • Prices quoted are based on standard grade siding, the prices quoted will be adjusted for the difference in the price for premium grade siding.
  • Price of hauling is not included.
  • Due to road restrictions buildings no wider than 12′ from shingle to shingle and no higher than 13′ 6” on the truck are constructed per sizes.
  • Delivery only.


Baby Barns Overview

Baby barns are any outdoor structure built for additional storage. Most people use the term baby barns as a catch-all phrase covering a number of styles and designs, such as mini barns, sheds or storage barns which can make things confusing.

For our purposes we’ve broken down the styles that we make as the “Baby Barn” roof style, the “Mansard” roof style also the “Gable Shed” roof style, knowing which style you want makes the process of ordering much easier.

Floor construction starts with a set of skids that run the length of the

Baby Barns floor
Baby Barns floor

building, Floors are constructed from 2×6 floor joists. Sheathing over the floor frame is next using a number of materials such  as 5/8 plywood or 3/4 barn boards.





Wall studs are constructed as 24 inches on center which is plenty for a baby barn. Over the walls are placed 7/16 thick OSB which is fine for this application. Over the OSB we place vinyl siding of whatever color you like, just as long as it’s still commercially available today, we currently use Gentek, Mitten and Allsco. In the back wall we place a 8×8 plastic lovered vent to allow the heat to escape from the summer heat.

The rafters are constructed from 2×4 lumber and are held together by gussets that I make myself from OSB. Rafters are placed as 24 inches on center, either 5/8 OSB or boards are  used to sheath in the roof. Shingles are 25 year standard 3 tab shingles. Shingles today are now made from fiberglass. In the past they were made from asphalt.

The door opening is 4′ or 5′ wide, depending on size of barn. The door is made from 7/16

Baby Barns door
Baby barns door

OSB placed on a 2×4 frame and has matching vinyl siding instead of vertical siding or skirting that you may see on most barns today, then capped with aluminium clad for trim, white only.


Are you looking  to clean out the garage and get your car off the street?, looking for something to place those yard and garden tools in?, need to replace that dilapidated old barn with a new one?, with a variety of sizes and styles to choose from look to Briggs Baby Barns for your baby barn needs.





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Baby barns
Baby barns
Briggs Baby Barns
Baby barn constructed by Briggs baby barns, has 4 pressure treated skids, 2x6 floor joists, comes with vinyl siding, 3-1 tab roofing.